Solutions to help global companies efficiently manage fixed assets ProPlus Global Solutions

Capable of managing assets in accordance with the tax codes of 24 countries worldwide. ProPlus currently serves 175 client companies in 20 countries.

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Currently operating in

20 countries

Including China, Thailand & Indonesia

Companies using ProPlus Global Solutions

175 companies

Major companies worldwide have adopted ProPlus Global Solutions


24 countries

Conforms to the tax codes of 24 countries worldwide

Many global companies face difficulty in obtaining precise information on the activities of their many offices and facilities worldwide.

One of the main reasons for the lack of clarity is that the bookkeeping values in the fixed asset ledger may differ from the actual PP&E assets under management.

Lack of information clarity / Granularity of information differs from source to source

If the treatment of assets in the fixed asset ledger and the PP&E ledger is not standardized, throughout the company, it can pose the following problems:

Inefficient management / Inadequate governance

What is needed is a unified system that can be used by all offices in the global corporate group

Prerequisites for a global asset management system:

Fixed Asset Management System that can be used by overseas offices and facilities / PP&E Management System that can be used by overseas offices and facilities / ProPlus resources make it easy to introduce the system at overseas offices

ProPlus Global Fixed Asset Management Solutions

Financial accounting: ProPlus Comprehensive Fixed Asset Solutions / Actual PP&E management: ProPlus Pit PP&E Management Solutions / Currently in use at some 175 companies in 20 countries

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ProPlus Global Fixed Asset Solutions allows users to achieve high-performance asset management

Global fixed asset management activities create a virtuous cycle

High Performance Asset Management No.1

The ProPlus series of products enhances global asset management

High Performance Asset Management No.2

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Examples of global companies that have introduced ProPlus Global Fixed Asset Solutions

Canon Inc.

Electronic equipment
Overseas office management
Shared Services
Administrative efficiency
ProPlus Fixed Asset System
ProPlus Works in Progress Management Subsystem
Overseas Operation Solutions

Canon introduced ProPlus at group production subsidiaries to enhance consolidated group management of overseas operations.

Canon established a consolidated group asset management structure covering ten group companies in seven countries/regions, which responds flexibly to differing legal and regulatory conditions in each country

In 2011, Canon introduced ProPlus to oversee operations at production subsidiaries in Japan, and began a project aimed at introducing the system at all overseas production subsidiaries. Each of the company’s overseas offices had its own system for managing fixed assets. However, since the legal and regulatory structures of each country in which Canon operates differ dramatically, making it difficult to introduce systems that could encompass all subsidiaries. Pro-Ship’s ability to standardize the treatment of tax and administrative policies in each country helped the Canon group to establish a consolidated group management structure encompassing ten group companies located in six countries.

Miura Co., Ltd.

Overseas office management
ProPlus Fixed Asset System
ProPlus Leased Asset Management System
ProPlus Works in Progress Management Subsystem
Overseas Operation Solutions

In order to bring accounting practices in line with IFRS, Miura adopted the ProPlus Fixed Asset System at its overseas offices

Unifying fixed asset management activities across the group’s global operations

Miura Co., Ltd. oversees six domestic subsidiaries and 13 overseas subsidiaries in the Miura group, providing products and services for the energy, water and environmental equipment industries. It is a major player in the international market for boilers. The company decided to adopt IFRS accounting standards, as it seeks to establish itself as a global operation capable of responding to the needs of the modern era. In order to consolidate the fixed asset management activities of the global group, the company introduced the ProPlus Fixed Asset System, and achieved quantifiable results.

Seiko Epson Corp.

Electronic equipment
Overseas office management
Shared Services
Administrative efficiency
ProPlus Fixed Asset System
ProPlus Pit PP&E Management Solutions

The system was introduced to give management clear information on the use, transfer and disposal of assets and physical property. This creates a more robust management structure that can use fixed assets efficiently, make appropriate investment decisions and maximize earnings.

Adopting the ProPlus Fixed Asset System in all global operations

Seiko Epson Corp. is rapidly developing its environmental management business. The Production Planning Division, which oversees capital investment activities, wanted to establish a more robust management structure that can optimize earnings generated by a limited amount of assets. To this end, the company wanted to create a unified database of all global assets, and a physical property management system that would facilitate the use, transfer and disposal of assets across the group. The company adopted the ProPlus Fixed Asset System and ProPlus Pit PP&E Management Solutions as the platform for this management system. The company expects the new system to improve asset management efficiency, and thereby elevate earnings \500 million by 2025.

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Characteristics of ProPlus when used in a unified global system

Point 1

Compatibility with the tax systems of various countries

The standard version is capable of dealing with the tax codes of 24 countries worldwide, including nations in Asia, Central and South America, as well as North America and Oceania. It is possible for a single global system to employ a different depreciation method in each country, based on local regulations.

Point 2

Compatibility with various languages and currencies

Each user ID code calls up information in a selected language (Japanese, English, Chinese), and the displayed language can be changed. Currency conversions can be carried out to five decimal places.

Point 3

Multiple bookkeeping applications

Up to six sets of bookkeeping ledgers can be maintained (for financial use, tax use, IFRS use, management use, etc.), each with a different set of depreciation management settings.

Point 4

Group company control functions

Information can be switched to view conditions at consolidated subsidiaries, without the need to log in again. Ledgers for each of multiple subsidiaries can be selected at the push of a single button.

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Can a manager at the parent company get a clear picture of asset conditions at each office?
Yes. Each user ID can be configured to control the scope of data input and the scope of access to data. A manager responsible for the consolidated group can access the bookkeeping data from multiple subsidiaries, simultaneously. This makes the process of compiling and producing monthly, quarterly and annual reports much more efficient.
Are there additional licensing fees for each country or overseas office that introduces the system?
If ProPlus is introduced at offices in more than one country, the client needs to purchase a global license, as well as licensing fees based on the number of assets and number of users. Additional offices or countries can be added at no additional charge, so long as the additional assets/users fall within the scope of the existing license (which sets a maximum number for assets and users).
When introducing ProPlus at overseas consolidated subsidiaries, can the scope of information visible in each country be controlled?
Yes. Each user ID can be configured separately, to set access limits. The ability to input data, and the ability to access data, may be limited to cover only assets in the same country, or only those in the same division of the company. Meanwhile, the manager in charge of consolidated subsidiaries is able to view data from all offices.

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