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Business Outline

Pro-Ship conducts business in the following three categories including development and sales of commercial application package system as the core business.

Business Category Sales Ratio Business Summary
Development and Sales of Software Package Approx. 90% Development, sales, consulting and customization of ProPlus Series, a solution package for assets management, sales management and more.
Entrusted Development of System Approx. 5% Design and development of tailor-made back-office system and information system.
System Operation & Management Approx. 5% Management of business application and infrastructure systems for clients.

Highly evaluated among public and middle-scale companies

ProPlus Series has been installed in a total of 4,630 client companies (as of Mar. 2018) in various scales and industries.

ProPlus Series is used by more than 400 public companies and 1,400 middle-scale companies in all 33 business categories defined by Stock Exchange.

ProPlus’s advanced functionality is highly evaluated by the clients who need more complex and sophisticated asset management systems.

Driving force behind growth “Hybrid System Solution”

Ultimate asset management solution

Unsurpassed expertise backed by long experience and know-how
Further improved to be de facto standard

Powerful consultation and partnership

Pro-Ship’s sales force, well versed in asset management and accounting systems, directly conduct consultations to relevant sections of client companies.

Our business has been remarkably growing in partnership with leading domestic enterprises such as SI venders, package venders and consulting firms. ProPlus Series enables seamless interface with existing and other brands’ systems. we often recommend a combination of ProPlus Series and other brand accounting systems to clients who require sophisticated and complex fixed asset management systems.

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