Under which business category in Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section is Pro-Ship Inc. listed ?
Information & Communication
Do you have any shareholder special benefit program?
We began a shareholder special benefit program to increase the number of shareholders. This shareholder special benefit program applies to all shareholders who are recorded in the Registry of Shareholders on March 31 and hold 100 or more shares. •Shareholders who have 100 or more and less than 500 stocks can get 1,000 Japanese yen worth of QUO card. •Shareholders who have more than 500 stocks can get 2,000 Japanese yen worth of QUO card.
What are your thoughts about dividends?
We recognize it is our important duty to share out profits to our shareholders. We make our utmost efforts to strengthen the capital base and increase profitability in order to carry out that duty.
Who should we contact regarding your stocks?
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
When and how was your company founded?
In April 1969, consultants from Japan Management Association and Nippon Omni-Management Association founded the company to offer management consulting by MIS (Management Information System).
To what kind of organizations do you mainly sell your products?
Taking “ProPlus Series” as an example, manufacturing business users are mainly in electric instrument, precision equipment and food industry. Most of them are Japan’s leading and large-scale companies that operate a number of factories, machineries and equipments.As for non-manufacturing business, users in service industry are the most, followed by retailing, warehousing and transportation.We have clients, totaling over 4,000, in all 33 business categories defined by Stock Exchange.
How long does it usually take you to develop a system?
It depends on the scale of a system, but average is approximately 4 months.
Weekdays 9am. to 6pm.
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