Corporate Philosophy

History of Speciality

Pro-Ship started in 1969 as an accounting firm. The foundations of the business continuing to this day were established in 1970. At that time in the United States, the rationalization of corporate management through IT was already in progress. The Chairman, Mr. Suzuki, who was looking at the situation closely, was impressed. Predicting that the era of IT would surely also come to Japan in the near future, he took the decision to provide a very original service that only his company could create.

Then, in 1980, the “FASPAC-I” was put on the market. It was the first package system specialized in the field of fixed asset management. By specializing in a business area and prioritizing resource management, the goal was to design an IT solution with extremely high customer satisfaction. Our sustained effort and the abundance of satisfactory results accumulated over many years earned us the appreciation of many customers.

Speciality for Customer

The basis of Pro-Ship as a company has the strong will to provide customers with the high expertise as a professional. “Speciality for Customers” is our corporate philosophy. To be ever more useful and pleasing to our customer by continuously taking their input into account, improving the quality of our technology and our knowledge and by refining our expertise at all times. With the spirit of an artisan, we continue to improve and innovate our technology and services.

One-stop service – Pro-Ship makes it.

Pro-Ship currently offers IT solutions for fixed asset management as well for various business fields. The desire to demonstrate high speciality and provide great value, not only for fixed asset management but for every genre, is unchanged. Speciality is our identity.

We back valued businesses, that our clients work on seriously, in a harsh business environment. We provide strong and continuous support to solve cleanly the various problems that will necessarily arise in corporate management. We aim at being the best partner to support the growth of the business of all our customers, and to provide a one-stop service from the planning and development of various products and services to their proposal and introduction, and their subsequent maintenance and support of operation.

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