Surpassing Expectations: Speciality for Customer

Pro-Ship Incorporated Norihiro Yamaguchi, COO

Pro-Ship Incorporated
Norihiro Yamaguchi, COO

While companies expand rapidly overseas, the demand in IT systems, such as the unified use of systems including overseas affiliates or the rise of high system needs in emerging countries, beginning with China, is increasing year by year due to the globalization of corporate activities. Moreover, as considerations of restructuring systems geared toward the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are under way, event though the timing of compulsory adoption was reconsidered, the importance and the urgency of IT systems is amplified.

Pro-Ship, in addition to continue to provide high value added service based on high expertise, and to answer system needs becoming more sophisticated, complex, and broad, dedicates itself to the development of system solutions, axed on the “ProPlus” series of package system.
We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Basic Philosophy – Speciality for Customer –

We expand our strong professional expertise in the specific area of the information systems and services to the global market. We contribute to the improvement of corporate capability and competitiveness of an increasing number of customers, engage in the spread and development of a global advanced information society, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility. As a corporation, we have high transparency, abidance by the rules, and governance, a thorough basis for our action, we are always creative, we are responsible, we aim to be prompt, and we contribute to the self realization of the participants.

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