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Integrated infrastructure for asset management to support the growth of client companies

Integrated Fixed Assets Management Solution

ProPlus Fixed Assets Suite

Our solution feature quick resuponse to system revisions, a great usability, a wide range of control, and high quality. We can provide helpful fixed asset management solutions only because we have been specializing in fixed assets for long time.

You can choose the appropriate solution you need from the categories “Fixed Assets”, “Lease Assets”, “Construction in Progress”, “Lease Contract”, “Inventory”, “Actuals Control”, “Global”.

Asset Inventory Management Solution


Do you have any problems of physical checking of fixed assets? ProPlusPit helps you count the number of assets, record the checking history, and store photos of the assets. Using your smart devices, you can check the asset status and immediately update the data of the asset. Web-based functions allow managers to make a variety of reports and graphs.

Why don’t you minimize your time on physical checking of fixed assets with ProPlusPit?

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